Is there a list of common CL17 installation issues?

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Is there a list of common CL17 installation issues?

The following information has been put together to assist users combat the Top 5 common trouble shooting issues during CL17 installation.
Issue 1: Sample pressure & flow
The biggest issue reported for the CL17 relates to the sample pressure, flow & temperature.
Please ensure the following specifications are met during installation.
Issue 2: Sample Conditioning
For your CL17 to function correctly, sample coming into the unit must be “conditioned” using the mesh filter supplied with the Installation Kit (Product # 5516402).
Issue 3: Sample Waste
The CL17 processes very small samples using very small quantities of reagent. At the heart of this is a very small, very weak peristaltic pump. For the CL17 to function correctly, the exit drain needs to be 100% free draining to atmosphere. See the installation diagram below (I have marked in red). I cannot stress the importance of open to atmosphere drainage.
A correct installation is as follows:


A poor installation is as follows:
Issue 4: Pinch Plate
The thumbscrews holding the pinch plate must be finger tightened only. Do not use a screwdriver. The thumbscrews must be firmly fastened but only finger tight. Overtightening will not allow reagent to pass into the colorimeter and the CL17 will not function correctly.
Issue 5: Priming the CL17
Once your CL17 has been assembled, the unit must be primed before calibration or sampling. Priming brings your CL17 into a ready state. To prime the unit go into the MAINTENANCE menu, then use the arrow keys to find the PRIME option. Press enter to activate.

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